Megaspine Spinal Fixation System

Megaspine Spinal Fixation System

The Megaspine Fixation System provides simple, reliable and comprehensive stabilization solutions for spinal fixation. The system consists of a variety of screw types, connectors, and rods to achieve an implant construct as necessary for the individual case.


The System includes instruments for inserting, securing and removing the implants.


This mono and multi-axial system provides an exceptional selection of screw bodies and bone screws with a double lead bone screw thread offered in self-tapping and cannulated configurations


Physician Benefits



A wide array of standard and self-tapping pedicle screws for added versatility cannulated and non-cannulated screw options.

Color-coded for easy selection during procedures; ergonomic case/tray system

Double lead bone screws with a wide range of screw length from 25mm to 60mm: Screw diameters from 4.0 to 8.0mm.



Wide variety of ergonomically designed instruments

Interchangeable ratcheting instrument handles

Simple compression and distraction instruments


Cannulated Screw

The Cannulated Pedicle Screw is designed engineered to maximized stability of construct and provide easy implantation.


The Cannulated Pedicle Screw allows bone cement augmentation and provide a stronger fixation in the vertebral body to treat osteoporotic spine.


The Cannulate Pedicle Screw was design with radial lateral holes on the screw body to allow bone cement distribute evenly in 360 degrees.