MI6 Minimally Invasive System

The MI6 Minimally Invasive System has an unique implant design for minimally invasive approaches to spinal fixation and features a screw-based method of retraction to provide a fixed position to the anatomy.

This simplified and flexible design allows for one-step, percutaneous placement of the screw and retractor, with direct visualization and improved access for rod introduction.


By offering intuitive and versatile implants and instrumentation, the MI6 Minimally Invasive System provides spine surgeons a solution to address multiple pathologies with a less invasive approach.


  • Designed to reduce surgical steps.*

  • All-in-one, rod reduction instrument, potentially reducing screw cross-threading and allowing for provisional& final tightening.

  • Dilator/awl/tap - allows for dilation, awling of cortical bone, and tap with one single instrument.

  • Compressor and distractor.

  • Rod Inserter - allows for minimally invasive rod delivery without the need for extra incisions.

  • Tab removal tool- easy removal of the built in reduction tower.



  • Double-lead bone screw thread.

  • 5.0-8.0 (1 mm increments) diameter screws, cannulated.

  • Screw lengths range from 30 mm to 60 mm (mm increments).

  • Distinct & color-coded screws enable surgical staff to quickly & accurately identify implant.